HARO Link Building Service: How We Land BIG Links for SEO Clients

HARO Link Building Service: How We Land BIG Links for SEO Clients

HARO Link Building Service (help a reporter out) is an excellent way to attract links from high authority publications, which is very advantageous for SEO performance.

Of course, you can try launching a fully fledged PR backlinks campaign to try and achieve the same results, but it may be hit or miss. HARO is certainly very predictable, simply because the reporters actually want your story.

The concept is simple – Journalists, reporters & bloggers are looking for expert sources on all manner of topics.

But getting coverage is far more complicated than sending out the odd reply when you see a suitable opportunity. This type of scattergun approach sees companies fail to build links despite investments in time and effort.

Using a HARO link building service (like ours) is a good option to build branded links quickly. However, if you’re looking for something more all encompassing, then check out our link building services.

You’ll get more links, from big publications like these;

Why HARO Users Regularly Earn Links From Big Media

Every day, journalists at sites like Insider, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, and more use HARO to request expert insight for their stories. These requests are sent out in one of HARO’s many daily emails.

Need HARO Link Building Services?

Get in touch with us to launch a campaign.

If a writer chooses to use your response, you’ll get a backlink from the website that published the article. It’s a win-win situation: journalists write better stories backed up by experts, and you get high-quality links from an authoritative publication.

How to Succeed with HARO Link Building

I’ve listed the 5 most key elements of any success on the platform below. If you follow these you can’t go too wrong!

  • Fast responses – This is by far the most important. If you respond quickly to a HARO query, your pitch will land right at the top of the journalist’s feed, meaning he/she is far more likely to go with your insight. If you leave it 24 hours, it’s likely that 50+ people will have already replied and the opportunity is lost.
  • Look for relevant requests and topics – You can easily scan these in the HARO daily emails. For example, if you’re a digital marketing agency, you can answer pretty much any question about marketing, business, entrepreneurship, advertising, management etc.
  • Be concise – Don’t write any more than 200 words in your response. And don’t start dropping links to all of your social profiles and contributions. The writer just wants to grab some insight.
  • Use actionable and insightful tips – This is where most people go badly wrote. Don’t write generic fluff, it never ever works. Journalists want some lovely quotable points of expertise. So tell them about tools, and actionable strategies you use. Open with the actionable piece of advice, then go onto explain what you mean.
  • Never use filler content – You’re not writing a beefed up blog post, you only have 200 words to convince someone you’re an expert with an interesting insight that their readers may enjoy.

How We Built Our SEO Results With HARO Link Building

The Linkbuilder website is proof that HARO works. We currently rank number one for many profitable and highly relevant link building related keywords – and are on the first page for many more.

🔑 Keywords we currently rank well for include:  

We have many backlinks — as you’d expect from a link building agency. But HARO has attracted some of our best ones.

💡 Top tip for inspiration

Look at Quora and Reddit threads related to the topic being pitched. Those are often gold mines for finding interesting viewpoints that you can ‘re-word’ into your own HARO journalist pitch.

top tip for HARO pitches

LegalZoom HARO Link Building

a site with a DR of 81, and millions of organic search visitors per month. The journalist sent out a request on HARO asking how small businesses can define and increase customer lifetime value.

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